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Being brought into record Heritage projects has been one of the highlights over the last 4 years. Northern Ireland has a wealth of historical buildings and recording them for future generations is of importance. Information can also be sent around the world, both in standard photographic terms and also as a 3D virtual reality tour. It is possible to extract measurements from a 3D tour and also to convert it into a point cloud that can be used in Revit as a starting point for study or restoration purposes.

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Photographing historic buildings across Northern Ireland to preserve history for years to come…

Case Study

Roof detail from Hezlett Cottage near Castlerock. This shows the nail free(nail corrode and can fail, wooden pegs and mortice and tenon joints are actually more durable) herring bone style framework supporting the underside of the thatched roof.

Case Study

An oak beam from a Carrickfergus Heritage Initiative project. This oak beam supported the first floor flooring and was still structurally sound. The tree started growing around 1470 and the carpentry around 1640. Photos like this can be linked into the Matterport 3D Virtual Reality models to create an immersive and detailed record of all of the key aspects of any property.

Case Study

This looks like someone was laying the bricks whilst under the weather but is actually a way to divert and scattering lines of stress that would otherwise break the wall. Brick is strong when under compression, but weak when in tension. This shows how the wall builders prevent structural failure from stress before the invention of steel reinforced concrete beams.

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